Pest Pairing

Your soul may not yet yearn

for it, but it will remain

preserved in your


Not be be outdone,

cockroach juice can be boiled

and brewed–served with ice

and taste like prawns.

Haneru means jump.

Here’s news for you: a pest

release from Japan–

Haneru beer

made from cricket broth.

Worried about how it mixes?

Water loosening from

your eyes?

Can’t close your mouth?

Alternate umami crunch

with chugs–chug,

crunch, chug crunch,

chug crunch.

Goes great with beer–

balances the bitterness.

Amber pale or Irish red ales


Nutty. slightly sweet.

Here. Have a cup of crickets–

crisply fried, gluten-free,


and environmentally friendly.




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