Wrong Stop

“Assistance, please.”  A couple of individuals pointed electronic devices in his direction, but the visitor remained locked in time and space.  “I need to leave.  The guide said that everyone would be well fed, comfortably housed, and pursuing interests which contribute to the greater community.  I was promised deep conversations with sensitive, intellectual beings enjoying lives of leisure, love, and peace.  What is happening?  Who are these strange persons waving sticks and shouting nonsense?  Where is the enlightenment, the dawning of the new age, the joy?  My confusion only grows.  I have a copy of the Universal Archive implanted in the hollow in the back of my skull, but it is not helping.  This is not good,” he said.  The YouChuz Time Portal visitor was stuck in the 21st century among crazies who had lost the ability to reason and reflect.  “Assistance, please,” he repeated with some desperation.

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