Writing Contest Prompt from Jim for F 7/03: Freedom

Aloha #WriterFriday, I hope you are ready for a safe and restful weekend. Today’s #WritingPrompt is


Use it to inspire a piece of writing, a sentence or two, a poem, a paragraph, a conversation, and then post that piece as a contest entry below, or as a non-contest entry on the Shoot da Breeze page:

Here’s today’s draft.

Just Desserts (Part Fourteen)

The man laughed crazily.  “Stenton, tell the policeman what it is.”  He jabbed him in the head with the gun.

Half choking, Stenton managed only a gurgle.

The man laughed maniacally again.  “Let’s just say, Mr. Chan, that I had a full bowel movement this morning, and I drained my bladder to the very last drop.”

Chan gagged involuntarily.  “What?”

“Yes!” shouted the man.  “This connoisseur is enjoying everything I ate and drank yesterday, or thereabouts.”

“Sir,” said Chan, “I can’t let this go on.  If you kill him, you’ll only be compounding your situation, what with the other two murders.”

The man looked at Chan.  “Other two murders?” he asked.  “What other two murders?”

Chan said, “Why, the murders of  Robert Enfield and Kazuo Takahashi.”

The man looked genuinely puzzled.  “Who?”

“Enfield and Takahashi.  This morning.”

“Mr. Chan, I have no idea who those people are.”

This information threw Chan off kilter.  But the man sounded as though he were telling the truth.  If he hadn’t killed Enfield and Takahashi, then who had?

Chan said, “If that’s the case, then if you stop what you’re doing now, I’ll speak to the D.A. about your situation.  You’ll be able to tell your story.  What Stenton did to your mother.  You might get a very light sentence.  Who knows?  Maybe even probation.  It’s not completely out of the question.  I have a feeling Stenton, here, might not want to file charges against you.

“But if you shoot him, sir, you’ll go to prison for a long time, no matter what the reason for doing what you’ve done here.”

The man said, “Crap.  Prison.  I hadn’t thought of that.  I forgot they’d done away with the death penalty.  This dickwad is a dead man, for sure, even if I don’t shoot him.  Believe it or not, I’m almost sorry now that I put all that rat poison in the food and drink here.”

Stenton finally managed to say something, although screaming and vomiting aren’t really saying something.

The man just laughed.

Chan drew his gun again.  Time was of the essence now.


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