From BAMBOO RIDGE Issue Number 77, Spring 2000, New Moon

Triggers for December:

1. no casualties

2. quiet and shy

3. I learned this as a child

4. I don’t get it

5. a couple of months back

6. tell me what’s wrong

7. where’re you from?

8. uncharted regions of the heart

From The Lure, by Ian MacMillan

          She came through the window while I was digging up a section of the back yard for a garden. I had just dug up what appeared to be an old lure with a rusty double hook hanging off it, but one with a beautiful iridescent stone set in the spoon-shaped metal part. I was standing there studying it. The argument had been taking place on the far side of their house, and had migrated to the bedroom just fifteen feet from my carport. The explosion of louvres preceded her, and then she came out back first, dropped the six feet to the ground, and stood up and looked down at herself, then at the square where the louvres had been. She was probably amazed that she wasn’t hurt. Laine was, too, and stood in the window-hole gaping down at her in shock. “But,” he said. “I . . . But I . . .”


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