What Martin Is Not

Martin does jiu jitsu–his focus and determination

to optimally position, counter back and secure submission

earn him a blue belt, first level.

Martin dances hula–inherits from his kumu or source,

a connection to his Hawaiian culture and spirituality–giving life

to the flow, motions, and language of ancestral storytelling.

Martin is Hawaiian. He is also gay, mahu.

His soft voice and manner–simply the grace of being Hawaiian.

Benign memory of ancient homosexual practices

were reworked by the missionaries, releasing the vengeance

of a new god, whose job was to rub out the Hawaiian in

Hawaiians; bring light to the dark afflictions of their souls.

This cult of truth doesn’t trouble Martin. To argue, a pointless

waste of breath. He puhi makani, he says. Just wind blowing.

In jiu jitsu, the rear mount dominates.


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