Leaving Your Comfort Zone

My transition from middle to high school was more difficult than I expected. I graduated from middle school with sixty kids, half of which planned on moving away or going to a private high school. This left me with only thirty familiar faces when I started at Kealakehe. Although my hometown seemed small, I loved the dynamic within the school. Everyone in my grade level got along so well, because we all grew up together and lived less than five minutes from each other. High school proved differently, now it takes an hour by car. Not only did people not get along, but the Kona kids happened to dislike all Waikoloa kids in general. I get that they might feel like we invaded their school but they started to understand that we had limited options. Eventually, I started to make friends who lived in Kona and it made me miss Waikoloa because I now lived an hour away from people and could not spend time with them outside of school. I struggled adjusting to a new school after nine years at the same one, but I am thankful that I made long term friendships and I believe that getting out of your comfort zone is the best way to grow as a person.

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  1. pono808troutman says:

    This story is very relatable, great way to put your story out there!

  2. ckspri says:

    Great story! I can relate to having to adjust to a new environment.

  3. enokido says:

    This story is one I can relate to very well. Excellent!

  4. sgrioni says:

    Good job Skyler! Congrats on your publication!

  5. ja99 says:

    The Big Island of Hawai’i backdrop for this creative writing piece adds voice to places such as Kealakehe, Waikoloa and Kona. The writer takes us on a journey, a rite of passage from middle to high school and perhaps, from a rural to suburban locale. I think we all know about those feelings associated with change and finding a new place. Sometimes, it’s a bit like a roller coaster ride. In “Leaving Your Comfort Zone,” the endgame is gratitude. Thank you so much for an engaging and well written personal narrative.

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