Home by K. Wagner


home is the warm brown in your eyes,

the feeling of your skin upon mine,

the dance of your fingers across the bareness of my skin.


home is the shine of your teeth,

the glow of your cheeks,

the way the light glimmers as you sit in the sun.


home is the way your lips flatten when you smile,

embarrassedly telling me about the first time you fell in love.


home is the furrow of your brow when you look down,

focused on your work,

unaware of my gaze transfixed upon you.


home is the hope we share between us,

the electricity that keeps us together yet pulls us apart,

the fear i have knowing that we will

one day

be nothing more than strangers in each other’s memories.


home is you and nothing more.

nothing less.


(written by Kainani Wagner, submitted by mom with her permission. Kainaniʻs email is [email protected])

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