Sisters II

Another lifetime ago

I was nine, and you were red, wrinkled

Like a monkey born shrieking.

You grew pixie-like, happy to tag along

On blue-sky days in the park,

Not knowing how much my friends and I

Longed for days without you.


You tell me

I was the smart one, the good child

Always ahead you say, in age, school, life.

Ahead and away from the home grown dank

Dark with the shadow of love gone awry.


You were left alone and adrift

Without blue-sky days

Stunted, mother-bound so tightly

With rage, bitterness, and love so deep

It swallowed you whole.


Like Jonah

You emerged from the belly of the beast.

Swaddled by drugs and abuse

Only to be reborn again,

Clean and sober for five years

A miracle, my sister,

I am so proud of you.


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