Aloha Shorts…is that like Aloha Shirts?

Okay, Aloha Shorts is a radio show of music and literature from Bamboo Ridge. Listen to it on KIPO Hawaii Public Radio (89.3 FM) on Tuesays at 6:30 pm. Or come to hear them tape the shows…if you laugh real loud, you can hear yourself when it airs…next one is on Sunday, June 1, 7 pm at Atherton Studio (738 Kaheka St, across the street from Don Quixote).

John Wythe White reads his own short story UNSTILL LIFE WITH MANGOES.

Brenda Kwon reads two of her poems (ANGRY WOMEN & CENTURY’S LULLABY) plus an excerpt from MOTHER TONGUE.


Cedric Yamanaka reads his short story DAH PAPAH FOOTBALL CHAMPION.

Live music from singer-songwriter Jeff Kloetzel.

Good stuff.

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