Los Lonely Boys and Chang-Rae Lee

One of those combinations you thought was impossible. Not at bambooridge.com! Last Thursday I saw Los Lonely Boys at Aloha Tower. I believe it was the Advertiser (TGIF?) that said they were great live, so I went in with very high expectations and was still blown away. Near the end, the guitarist Jojo played drums alongside the drummer Ringo; Jojo played double bass lines, one on singer/guitarist Henry’s guitar. Guitars were played above their heads, behind their heads, on the ground, not to mention one handed and holding the guitars up in the air. There must be names for all of these techniques and I’ve probably just confused you with my descriptions, but the concert overall: fantastic!

Another great upcoming event: Chang-Rae Lee, many-awards-winning author of Native Speaker, is giving a reading next week! I read that book for English 338, if only I could remember if I kept it because then I could get it signed! The reading will be in the Luke Lecture Hall at Punahou School’s Wo International Center. Now if I, a former Maryknoll student who was forced to go to the Center for high school Model UN, am excited for this event regardless of its location, then you know it’ll be good. See you there!

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