On Bamboo Ridge Lineage

Recently, we launched a new series on our social media entitled Bamboo Ridge Lineage. We asked members of the Bamboo Ridge ‘Ohana who some of their writing influencers are including which books or authors have impacted the way they think about writing craft and literature.

For this project, we wanted to highlight the ways in which writers are always in conversation with each other. The popular idea of an author is one that imagines a writer as a lonely (and sometimes crazed) genius who produces masterpieces solely on their own. This is absolutely not the case and some of the best pieces of literature result from frequent and active discussions with other writers in addition to drawing from a genre’s history.

Our first post in this series features Scott Kikkawa whose lineage highlights the rich heritage of noir fiction as well as his contemporaries. If you’re interested in seeing who’s part of Scott’s writing lineage and want to keep up with this series, you can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter at @bambooridge. Scott’s book Kona Winds is available in the Bamboo Ridge Bookstore and is in stock at da Shop (Honolulu) and Basically Books Hilo.


Bamboo Ridge Lineage: Scott Kikkawa
Scott Kikkawa’s writing lineage.

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