August Year of the Rat Writing Contest Winner : )

Ho!  Was one photo finish dis mont (except for you, Lanning, keep trying, buddy.  Maybe one a dese days).  An when it came right down to it an we developed da picture, you, Joy Gold, won not jes one prize, but two.  So guess what, Joy Gold?  You win not jes 10 Bamboo Bucks, but Darrell an Eric goin give in an real reluctant but sorta happy kine hand over 20 whole Bamboo Bucks.  Use um up in da online store by September 30, Joy.  Eh, Joy, jes tell da oddah Joy you won when you check out so she can apply your 20 Bucks.  Ho, Joys all ova da place.  Gotta be one happy, happy day, yeah?

But almos more important Joy, you won two — count um two — monstah awards : )

Award #1:  Da mos double-barreled baconatored prompt in bot prose and verse award

Award #2:  Da I tought I was da only guy who sucked on mango bones award

So congratulations, Joy, on da bucks an da trophies.  Keep on writing

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