Who wrote the mystery lines? Answers revealed!

The mystery lines came from nine authors from BR #94 who appeared at the Native Books reading. And put a face to a name, check out the photo in the Images area on the homepage. Issue #94 is specially priced at 50% off…only $9.

The lines and the authors:

There were a thousand nipples in one case. Jeffrey Carroll from "Pua and Kahea." Notice the character names in this story…Basie, Holiday, Ellington, ya think Jeff is into the blues and jazz?

“Chicken guts!” Mary Lombard from "Guts Up" Not just another scouting story, Lombard is a master of bitter-sweet tales of local life.

“Talk like one haole,” her father said. “Amaguchi” the Japanese said. Amai, amai, oh so sweet. Jean Yamasaki Toyama from "Side Kick" a chilling tale in 3 pages.

On my bicycle headed home. Shoulder moon, balancing on wheels is a miracle. from "Shoulder Moon" by Jon Hamblin, artist, poet, and teacher (his work along with Mike Harada’s appeared on the cover of issue #79 our first…and last issue…that had two front covers. You could read half the book one way, then flipped it over for the other half. Seemed like a good idea at the time…the two buddies even wrote profiles of each other.) Tip: you can get back issues of regular BR issues at 50% off. Click on Bookstore above and see which issues qualify for the discount.

As a “ratoon crop” baby, I was the only child still in the house when my mother went through menopause. from "Negotiating Loss" by Milton Kimura an account of loss, coping, and insight that speaks to all of us. Milton’s author’s bio notes that his last appearance in BR was 13 years ago, so that means his next appearance will be in 2022!

His feet a clever fit of boulders. Janine Oshiro from "Mountain Vision." Read her poems…then read them again. You get another fresh image each time.

That sneaky bastard balla-headed my head with a potato peeler. by Lee Cataluna from "Three Years on Doreen’s Sofa." What can we say, the excerpt from her novel is funny, funny, funny on every page.

We eat slices of watermelon off dishes that rattle like the sound of old bones. from Beryl Young’s "Bones." In this and previous issues of BR Beryl has shared poems about being a caregiver and companion to her mother with grace and powerful imagery of their everyday lives.

A chip off the old parsimonious block. from "We Visit Our Daughter" by Wing Tek Lum. Like Beryl, we feel like we’ve followed the life of a family member throughout the years.

Extra credit: check out the photo of the nine authors at Native Books and put the face to the name to the line…click on the Native Books photo on the homepage (scroll down to the Images area).

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