How are we going to do it?

August 30, 2011

I think this has been the challenge from the beginning, how are our 4 different voices, and the voices we may want to become, going to make this story understandable.
We're going to have to read each other carefully and think how our link is going to help the reader understand as well as let us say what we want to say.

That is the wonder of it all, that's going to create the tension, that's what's going to get our juices going, and what will make our renshi a different contribution to the whole Massie narrative. "Four voices in renshi," that's how our renshi is going to be different from the other telling of the story.

This is our challenge to use the last line of the preceding link to continue the telling of the story and linking that story with the past and the present.

While reading the different books I've been putting down things I would like to address, things that made my blood boil, things that helped me understand Hawaii today. When I get a line that's going to help me deal with any of this, I'll say, hallelujah, and look for a way to advance the story, but not overshoot it, so that there is somehow a thread that runs through.

In the original renshi the rules of images, parts of speech etc. helped create the patterns that the readers could understand. When we did our first renshi, we didn't communicate, we just did our thing and somehow it all hung together. The wonder emerged as we went along.

It will again.

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