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If you’ve been listening to Aloha Shorts on Hawaii Public Radio (KIPO 89.3)the airtime has been moved to Tuesdays at 6:30 pm. This is a fun half hour of stories and music and it’s nice to hear pretty much an entire story. We try to do very little editing of the work presented. Mark Lutwak selects the pieces from Bamboo Ridge and directs the actors. Kevin Chang helps out with the music selections (the last few artists included Kupa`aina, Paula Fuga, The Girlas…really good stuff), Jason Taglianetti produces the show which means he gets to beep out all the bad words,and Cedric Yamanaka is the host. If you’d like to witness the tapings in person, call the station to get on the reservation list (free) for Oct. 1 or Nov. 5th.

The September taping will be done at Mavis Hara’s Wine and Words event at KCC, Sept. 13th. You’ll need tickets for this one because there’ll be food and wine and slack key music by Lori Kidani. Purchase tickets elsewhere on this website. And get this, because Mavis’ book is titled "An Offering of Rice" she’s arranged to have a rice tasting of premium American vs Japanese rice. Pass the shoyu.

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  1. Haken says:

    Has there been an Aloha Shorts teleplay in the past? Maybe they can do one of your plays.

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