No speak pidgin? What American accent do you have?

Exactly what accent would you have if you lived on the mainland? Being that most people here in Hawaii sound nothing like their fellow Americans on the continent anyway, especially for those of us who get by and bus out da pidgin all da time, this cool little quiz offers a bit of insight.

What American accent do you have?

The quiz placed me in the Northeast. I suppose I could be a Northeast Pake as opposed to a Hawaii Pake, which isn’t all that far from a FOB Pake cuz we already half way there…or here…whatevahz…all Pake da same.

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  1. Amalia Bueno says:

    We must be speaking the same brand of pidgin–the Boston area variety. I wonder how many locals would be place there or with a New Hampshire or Maine accent. The most interesting thing on the quiz was the pronounciation of "Mary" and "merry" and "marry." Nobody says "Mary" and "marry" quite like my Porogee auntie from the heart of Kalihi.

  2. Darrell Lum says:

    Maybe cause I stay from nort’east Honolulu. Gotta change da questions:
    1. "Fut" or "fart": different, slightly different, same smell…

  3. Stefan says:

    Ui – intersting quizz. I came out as North East, but for heaven’s sake I am German having grown up bi-lingually with German and British English. I think the idea that pidgin – or any form of local dialect – has anything to do with lack of intelligence really is an ignorent idea of the past (although counties like, for example, Turkey still forbid some locally spoken languages). In Europe, naturally, it is normal that lots of languages and dialects are spoken all over the place – a few dozen local dialects in Germany alone. Their nature is very similar to pidgin as it is a sort of simplified "kinship" language strengthening local ties and identity. It is not "dumb" – it adds colour and flavour to the cultural landscape.

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