Meet da latest edition!

We are so lucky to have Eric Chock and Darrell Lum return to edit this collection with Juliet Kono, and to celebrate 45 years of local literature.

Here’s the scoops on this special issue. Read about the inspiration for the cover art and theme, take a look at the Table of Contents and list of contributors, and save the dates for some of our launch events.

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BR Oral History Now!

The first few sessions of our interviews with Eric Chock and Darrell Lum are now up on the BR Oral History page! And in 2024 we’ll be posting even more transcripts and sound clips from our growing collection.

To celebrate, we’re having a virtual preview and talk story this Monday, December 4th! You can find more info and a link to register for the webinar on our Events page. But check out what we’ve got up so far…

This Way

Lomeo, Lomeo! Wea you stay?

Let’s hele out of 
Fair Kapahulu.
Our ʻohanas
No get along.”

Going get trouble in this three-part poem that reimagines Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet with a local twist.

Come hither
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