Celebrating Our 45th Anniversary Issue

Bamboo Ridge, Journal of Hawai‘i Literature and Arts
Issue #124

“BAMBOO RIDGE has always been a place for stories that reflect the unique experiences of Hawai‘i’s people. Editing the 45th Anniversary issue is not so much looking back but looking forward, really.”

— Darrell H. Y. Lum, founding editor

Founding editors Eric Chock and Darrell H. Y. Lum return with Juliet S. Kono to curate a new anniversary anthology celebrating 45 years of literary mischief-making in Hawaiʻi. With contributions from sixty-eight writers, Issue #124 features poems and stories that explore themes of cultural identity, art, resistance, and community. It’s a collection that honors the resilience of local storytelling and Hawaiʻi’s literary spirit, reaffirming Bamboo Ridge’s commitment to foster, embrace, and preserve AANHPI voices. At over 400 pages, this is one of the largest issues in the press’s history.

The cover art is inspired by an original photo taken by Darrell Lum in 1978 of the East O‘ahu fishing spot known as Bamboo Ridge, where hand-painted warnings adorned the rocky path. He titled the photo “Abunai,” the Japanese word for “dangerous.”

The choice of “Abunai” as the cover theme pays homage to the nonprofit publisher’s audacious beginnings. At its inception, Bamboo Ridge Press embarked on a mission that many considered “abunai,” opposing dominant narratives and stereotypes about Hawaiʻi and its people and taking a daring stand on the importance and value of local literature. The challenges faced in those early days have persisted as Bamboo Ridge Press remains dedicated to publishing works by, for, or about the people of Hawai‘i and the Pacific—often making waves and navigating financial precarity.

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Sara Backer, Amita Basu, Sonia Beauchamp, Sally-Jo Keala-o-Ānuenue Bowman, Wendie Burbridge, Donald Carreira Ching, Lilia Childs, Jacey Choy, Sue Cowing, Leanne Dunic, Mitchell K. Dwyer, Sharla Jane Aialani Foster, Judith Graham, Gail N. Harada, Jim Harstad, Alden M. Hayashi, thomas iannucci, Ann Inoshita, Darlene M. Javar, Lisa Linn Kanae, Jeddie Narumi Kawahatsu, Sarai Kennerly, Scott Kikkawa, Milton Kimura, Clifford Kōtaro Kobayashi, Juliet S. Kono, Mari Kubo, Lanning C. Lee, Jeffrey Thomas Leong, R. Zamora Linmark, Christian Hanz Lozada, Darrell H. Y. Lum, Wing Tek Lum, Marion Lyman-Mersereau, Dana R. Lyons, Alan D. McNarie, Jonathon Medeiros, Tyler Miranda, Tamara Leiokanoe Moan, L. Nishioka, Susan Miho Nunes, Derek N. Otsuji, Christy Passion, Normie Salvador, Misty-Lynn Sanico, Eric Paul Shaffer, Mira Chieko Shimabukuro, John E. Simonds, Michelle Cruz Skinner, Cathy Song, Joseph Stanton, Eileen R. Tabios, Gary Tachiyama, O. Wini Terada, Bill Teter, Delaina Thomas, Ken Tokuno, Lee A. Tonouchi, Jean Yamasaki Toyama, Cheryl Treiber-Kawaoka, Heidi Turner, Julie Ushio, Amy Uyematsu, Lady Wendolyn, Mahealani Perez Wendt, L. Yuriko Williams, J. Fumiko Wong, and Lois-Ann Yamanaka.

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