Hanako's Dreams

Hanako means “Flower Child”. Upon entering school at 5, my mother was given the name “Hilda” a name of German origin meaning “battle” or “battle maiden”. This was the general practice of the territorial education system to help assimilate the children of the Issei. The house burning occurred during one of the plantation strikes in the early 1920's. This reflects both the "small kid time" and "growing old" themes. 203 words.

a couple of thoughts on bookstores

Senryu on Borders’ Demise Bright lights, Bright banners Contrast the sad empty shelves My bookstore closing! eyk 8/14/11 Why I Like Bookstores Roving through the bookstore Hunting for fresh dreams I breathe the scent of opportunity In every aisle I weave. A history novel beckons ‘Come hear my tale and thrill’ A language primer calls…

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