February 2023 Year of the Rabbit Bamboo Shoots Writing Contest Winners

Aloha and a very Happy March to all of you.  I’m hanging out in the Bamboo Ridge super secret European headquarters this week, so my clock is a little off.  It’s cool that Eric and Darrell had the foresight to set up international headquarter satellites in anticipation of BRP’s expansion.  Did I ever tell you that I found a copy of a BRP journal at the library in Alexandria, Egypt?  Well, see what I mean?  If we’re going to do it, we need these international super secret headquarter branches to coordinate our efforts at world domination.  Kind of like Pinky and the Brain, except this is no cartoon.

But I digress.  We have winners.  Yay!  the following writers have each won the much coveted 10 Bamboo Bucks prize.  As always, you may redeem the Bucks in the BRP online store.  Send an email to

[email protected]

and the BRP email fairy will send you a code you can use to get your discount when you check out.  Of the store that is.  Just make sure to spend your Bucks before the end of March.

Okay, so here are the wonderful writers who’ve won big for February:

Lauren Childs
Misty Sanico
Doreen Beyer

All right, gang, great job.  Now you can say you know your piece backwards and forwards.

Head over to the prompts for March and let’s get writing already.


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