March 2023 Year of the Rabbit Bamboo Shoots Writing Contest Winners

Happy April. I hope yours came in like a lamb. I love lamb chops. And mint jelly, not mint sauce. The kind you put on bread, like guava jelly, the fake substitute one. I’m not into the “authentic” one they use that’s all vinegary. Lamb is so expensive now, though. It used to be one of the cheapest meats when I was a kid. I don’t know what happened. Leg of lamb is great too. Oh well.  Enough moaning about stuff that used to be. We got winners! Yay!

Each of you has won 10 Bamboo Bucks to spend in the online store. The genuine kind of Bamboo Bucks. No fake substitutes allowed.  Picked from the Bamboo Bucks tree Eric and Darrell grow in back of the BRP Super Secret Headquarters at 94-9494 Keahua Circle. Hah! That’s not the address. If I told you the address it it wouldn’t be Super Secret anymore, and people could sneak in and swim in the Olympic-size pool and drink bottles from Darrell’s private winery.

Anyway, to collect your 10 Bamboo Bucks, send an email to

[email protected]

and tell ‘um you’re a March winner. They’ll send you a code to use when you check out of the online store. Make sure to use your bucks by the end of April.

The March winners are:


Congratulations to all three of you. Now head over to check out the writing prompts for April.

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