January 2022 Year of the Ox Writing Contest Winners : )

Hey, saying goodbye to the Year of the Ox with more winners in the January writing contest.  All of the following have won 10 Bamboo Bucks to use, wisely, in the BRP online store.  Just email

[email protected]

to get your code for checking out.  Make sure to use your Bucks by the end of January.

And the winners are:


Doreen Beyer

Marion Lyman-Mersereau



Joy Gold

Congratulations to all of you.  Remember, even though Eric and Darrell grow Bamboo Bucks on the Bamboo Buck tree behind the BRP Super Secret Headquarters, it doesn’t mean that they just give them away like mangos or lychee (which, incidentally, they don’t give away).  You might think you could easily win more than 10 Bamboo Bucks at the height of Bamboo Buck season (which is right now), but you would be mistaken.  They are like gold, or diamonds, or abalone.

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