Counting Stars

In the night the stars shine bright
For whom is the heaven’s shining knight.
The angels sing and the witch cry
But the time won’t stop, it just goes by.
We watch the clouds slowly fade away
But the dawn approaches in its mysterious ways
When the signature pulse fills the sky,
You’ll be the one to hear when I cry
We fly, on and on until the spirits and emotions become one.
We soar and we leap and bound until we are out of breath.
The music fills the air, and we take the flight of a million bird’s wings.
The breath of each other holding tight.
We’ll never fall, we’ll never fail
The sparrow says
But he lies to us, for he’s the raven
Our hearts start to sink and our backs fall
They fall against the thick fog
They fall against the rain
Against the sleet and the snow
We fall slowly, until we are forced to land
The impact does nothing
It does nothing to our minds, for
We know the secret of how to fly.
We’ve been up there.
When the raven comes down upon us, we duck
For we don’t want him to see our sunken faces
We have begun the descent into the morbid after life.
We aren’t one
We are many, but we are none.
There isn’t much to explain the feelings anymore
Everything is completely faded,
Nothing rhymes, nothing flows
The trees are bare and the winds only blow
They don’t take our voices to each other anymore,
They don’t make us feel warm,
They are harsh and they are cruel
But the one thing that we know about the wind,
Is that she takes us back up into the clouds when we need it
Because there are always those times, when we do
And right now,
We need nothing more than to be flying back where we were.
When the stars go out
When the sun stops burning
When the world stops turning
When the air stops moving
And our hearts stop breathing
Then we’ll be truly flying
We’ll fly even higher than we did before
When we weren’t a part of the earth
When we weren’t part of the life that we took form.
When we were just us
And we were pure
When we learned to fly
Our minds were clear,
Our faces were innocent
And our bodies were untouched.
When we touch, a spark forms
When we breathe the ground shakes
When we walk, the air lifts us
We aren’t human anymore
We are nothing
We are formless
We are breathless.
It’s funny, now when I look at you
I see fragments, not a whole
I see the broken pieces of a mirror
A broken wing
A broken heart
I see something that used to be mine.
Something that used to fly along with me
Something that I used as my right wing,
So that I could be balanced.
I took my heart and soul and put it in your body
I took my faith and consciousness and put it in your head
I broke apart my sanity, and thrust it upon you
I took apart my stitches and I let them open for you
I did everything for you.
I wish I could have just taken one last flight,
Just for a moment, so that I could just hold you under my wings for once
Hold you tight
Feel your breath under my neck
Feel your face, wipe your tears
Say your last goodbyes where you belong
In the sky.
Where we belong,
We belong no where now,
We belong now here,
In the misty era of our good byes
It feels like forever.
But I get over it.
I come to your funeral,
I refuse to say anything.
No, I don’t want to make a speech, I can’t
Not right now.
And now, as I look upon the grave you lay in
I see the snow falling on your face,
The tears still stream down from your face,
I can see our final goodbye
I can see our last kiss.
Our last flight.

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