Our summer jump rope songs (219)

Mailman mailman do you duty,
the mailman shouldn't come during the Summer,
here comes Ms. American beauty,
when I let Billy off his leash in the heat of August afternoons,
she can do the pom-pom she can do the splits,
when Josie from next doors red makeup runs and rouge colors her tiles teenager,
but most of all she can kiss, kiss, kiss
and I can't help but wonder if my tiles are blue with kid.

Pepsi Cola, pepsi cola, over to mexicola,
summers come and go on my street,
can you do the splits, the splits, the splits?
and they take fathers with them buried in broken pieces of chalk,
Add a little kick, a kick, a kick,
when it rains in the summer, people float out on the street,
Turn around, around, around,
lawn chairs and lemonade stands lost in currents,
touch the ground, the ground, the ground,
and then summer is gone.

Mommy and Daddy sitting in a tree,
summer was my favorite season,
when I would watch Josie from my window,
first comes love,
she took letters from the mailman,
then comes marriage,
but now all I see is our houses big brown door,
then comes a baby in a baby carriage,
Daddy lying on it in his swim trunks,
good-bye summer, good-bye daddy.

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