I nevah know my mada was one lesbian

           I nevah know my mada was one lesbian until my jackass cousin Brian wen spill da beans. Me and him went to da same school and he was couple years older den me but he thought I was too ghetto, so he usually ignored me. But one rainy aftanoon wen I was waiting on da curb in da front parking lot of school waiting fo Aunty Ron fo pick me up he came up to me wit one smirk on his face. Brian thought he was hot shit since testorone hit him and he was only in 6th grade. His height and bulky muscles appealed to all da intermediate school girls. He had one eight grade girlfriend who gave him hickies everyday in da stairwells.
           “Ha, Chris you know wat my mom tole me?” he sneered. I nevah like Aunty Kate; she always grumble to my grandpa about everything and always spoke wit pity towards me.
           “What, Brian?” I looked up since he was about seven inches taller than me.
           “Your mom and Ron are carpet munchas,” He folded his arms around his chest. I wanted fo punch his face and wipe dat smirk off him.
           My forehead scrunched. “Wat you mean?” I told him. I nevah heard da term before.
           “They lezzies, they like fo lick each others nani.” He waited for my reaction. I stared up at him in disbelief.
           “Not, stop making up stories,” I told him.
           “You bettah watch out befoa you turn into one too,” he told me. He started laughing. I grabbed my backpack and launched it at him. He stopped and put his arms up and grabbed the bag. He threw it back at me and it hit me in da face. I started fo cry and he started teasing me harder.
           “Yeah, dats why my mom no like your Aunty,” he continued. “She wen turn yo mom into one lesbo, one rug muncha.”
           “Shut up you asshole! Dat’s not true,” I never questioned Aunty Ron and my mom’s relationship. Dey nevah act like dat towards each otha, so I nevah think nothing about it.
           “Yeah right,” Brian yelled. “Dey share one room, right? You so stupid if you don’t know, you dummy!” he laughed. He stuck out his tongue and started making licking motions.
           “Dis how dey do it to each otha Chris,” he told me. He started moaning, “Oh Ron! Oh Ron, be da man I want you to be! Especially since Chris’s father wen bail on me. Be da man, be da man! Uh, uh, uh, be da man!”
           I got even moa pissed. I stood up and pushed Brian and started attacking him with my fists.
           “Ow, Chris, you dumb midget, get off me,” he easily threw me off and I tripped on da curb and fell on my ass.
           “You asshole!” I screamed, my face burned. Brian smirked at me and turned around and walked away and left me on da ground. I slowly got up.
           I was pissed. It couldn’t be true. No fuckin ways.
           I saw Aunty Ron’s rusty Honda Accord pull up in the driveway and I grabbed my backpack and ran to da car. She unlocked da passenger side car door, but I didn’t get in. I stared at her face through da window until she electronically rolled it down.
           “Aunty!” I exclaimed. She looked at my disheveled hair and red face and went all kines of concern on me. Raindrops started to fall, da coolness hitting da heat of my face.
           “You ok, Pocho? Come inside, stay raining” she told me as she shifted da gear into park.
           “Wat happened? You got into one fight? Whea da girl stay? Wats da mattah?” she started getting hyper.
           “Are you and my mom girlfriends?” I shot at her. “Brian told me you and mom are lezzies, is dat true?” Aunty Ron gave me a funny face and looked at me as if she didn’t know wat to say.
           “Well?” I asked her defiant. I stood dea in front of da passenger door staring at my aunt. It started to rain hard, but I didn’t want to get into da car until she answered me.
           “I….”She stammered. She stopped, composed herself, and den spoke again.
           “I nevah like you find out dis way,” She spoke quietly. I took my backpack off my shoulder and slammed it against da car door.
           “So you and my mom are lezzies,” I spat out. “How can you do dis to my mom, to my family, to me, Ron?” I sneered. For da first time in my life I didn’t add aunty. She looked at me with glassy eyes. It was though I felt her hurt shoot through da car window and zap me. I felt bad, but I was also pissed to da max.
           Aunty Ron’s eyes started to tear and soon a river ran down her face while her eyes nevah left mine.
           It was da first and only time I seen her cry. My anger melted into a puddle and I opened da door and jumped in da car. My arms went around her broad shoulders and I put my face on hers. She grabbed on to me tightly and let out a large sigh. She was still silent. I started to cry.
           “No cry, my Pocho,” she whispered. “Not your fault.” She held on.
           “I’m sorry Aunty, I just wen feel stupid wen Brian came up to me…” I spitted out. I continued, sobbing my ass off.
           “I nevah like believe and I wen hit him and whack him wit my backpack, cause I nevah like believe…but I no care…fo reals, I no care…you take care me, evah since I was one bebe.” I began to choke.
           “You take care mom…even grandpa……I stay mad cause everyone know except me….I love you, you my aunty, you my aunty mom.”
           Aunty Ron was silent throughout my rant. She patted my head, den let me go when my sobbing subsided.
           I sat back into the passenger seat. She had stopped crying too. She spoke in her usual tita attitude.
           “Wow, you wen whack Brian…good fo you my girl…I wouldn’t mind giving him some nice doughnuts right now….” She cracked a huge smile, and her coconut face filled wit warmth.
           I smiled back through my teary face.
           “I wen make pork chops fo dinner, sound good to you, my Pocho?” she started up the car and put da car into gear.
           “Sounds really good, aunty,” I put my seatbelt on and we drove home.

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