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Wuz summer.

Wen rain all ova da night honey girl wen die.

Still get chicken skin wen tell da story.

An’s boyfriend wen stay drive and one nadda couple stay in da back seat. Deh no stay drink oh smoke pakalolo oh nahtting. Jus kids drive’n round.

But wuz tree in da morning. An dem wuz so fah from home.

Da car wen spin n crash into da wall.

Da papers wen call us and da neighbors. So niele.

But da neighbors wen take keah us. Dem say: “No tanks, no tanks.”

Wen do plenny good stuff foh ah kids. Stay smart dem. Wen college.

So, da monk wen go to wea da kah stay all buss’ up. He stay at da wall and chant, cause da spirits no can leave da wall. But da reportas, dey wen bahddah heem.

Da day An wuz reborn, dah papers wen print one story dat HPD stay “waiting toxicology reports."

No shame.

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