When we end in flames

My Response:
Warmth & pleasure pouring over as I arch my body to meet yours, tasting dissipations of our afternoons in the sun and ocean. You become my only thought. There is only my lips, your hands, my need, your want rolling on our tongues and every word carefully spilled between us. For me, you are more than food, more than nourishment, you are like fire! When I've reached my end with you, I come down in ashes…

His Reply:
And like the Phoenix reborn from deep within the muck & mire of those molten ashes you rise again in all your glorious, fiery beauty as the first rays of dawn's early light creeps through my bedroom window, inching its way over your naked body, swathing you in its own fire. Your eyes slowly open, engulfing me with their intense beauty, hinting at the untold passions lurking within your soul…

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