Not Silvah Bullet, Mo' Like Pupu Rocket!

How come only scarce, remotely accessible florae qualify as panacea; e.g., acai, ginseng, noni, nopalea. Why no can be red hot dog?

"Ho, I tell you, dis pas' whole month I jess run down. I get stress up to hea, I no can kick dis cough, I put on ten pounds, and my ankles is hella swollen."

"Tita, ne'mind all dat. You know what you gotta try? Red hot dog. Eh, I been steady on tree a day da las' month–for my new yea's get healty resolution. One in da mohning wit egg. One oddah lunch time insigh musubi. And dinnah wit one salad. Girl, I loss ten pounds, only need sleep tree hours a night, da kids not even boddering me, and me an' Gerald. Well, nevah you mind!"

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