Advice to My Younger Self

Seize the day
Open your eyes
Express gratitude
Roll out of bed
Make the bed
Do it now
Breathe in, breathe out
And stretch
Drink that glass of water
Use sunscreen
Brush and floss
Chat with the quiet student next to you
Order that unfamiliar but tempting dish
Take the plunge
Finish that irritating project
Put it behind you
Move on
Disengage from energy vampires
Compliment your server
Plant a seed
Write that letter
Make that call
Take that class
Drop that course
File those papers
Put stuff away
Edit your life
Drop your idea into the suggestion box
Lay the foundation to care for your older not-quite-with-it you
That’s me!
But actually more with it than you
Take the first step
Show your friends and family that you value them
Share a memory
Thank a teacher
Create something
Smile at the person who seems to need one
Dance in the rain
Or under a waterfall
Lie on your back
And gaze at the moon
Clear your desk
Leave a flower or plant to greet you tomorrow
Live your best life
Thank the universe
Seize the day
Night is on its way.


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