I know what this life has for me even though I am only eighteen. The time for a new era began at the ending of my Senior year, when I finally got a job. Ever since then, an unexpected hunger for independence grew; wanting to live on my own. To leave this big rock of an island to travel the world. Toward the mainland where I can meet lots of new people, experience many new places, maybe even decide to move eventually. Many young adults my age don’t think about moving out of their parents house or being independent. Why? Because we’re Gen Z. Where anything you want can be bought with a swipe of mommy or daddy’s credit card. Personally I want to go to an environment where holding barbecues outside my house brings highlight to my neighborhood. Not just with me but with a passionate partner besides me. Knowing that wherever we go we’ll be there to support one another. I may be moving too fast but I’ve been thinking about living on my own while starting a life for myself. Even though I am only eighteen my mind is set in stone.


The islands possess only so much to a local such as myself. To mainlanders, Hawaii could be paradise, a getaway, or maybe their future retirement home. People may say, “You’re so lucky to live in Hawaii, why would you want to leave?”. Although for me, Hawaii feels like a prison. I could never live with myself if I ended up working a 9-5 job in my hometown seeing the same people everyday. Even though the Big Island turns out to be my home I’ve come to realize this Island won’t be my forever. Not knowing where I will end up, when everything will all come together, or what place I will call my forever. However, my intuition senses something is coming soon. Until then all I can do is pray, continuing to ask God to guide me on my journey. There is more for me in this world, that’s just waiting for me to get there.

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  1. tsm7 says:

    I relate with everything written on here, except for being a local, I’m not from Hawaii, but I lived here for long enough to feel this way. 10/10 very good story.

  2. knjavier says:

    I can relate to the part where you want to live independently, because I, too, have started to think of the same thing. Awesome.

  3. sgrioni says:

    Yessahhh Taysia!! Congratulations on your publication! Great job!

  4. ckspri says:

    congrats on getting your free write published. loved your story!

  5. enokido says:

    I love your bamboo shoots essay. It is great that you are facing and thinking about the blood that we, the Z generation, tend to turn away from. If we are satisfied with the present, our growth will end there, but there are many who are satisfied with the status quo. But you are questioning that and looking for answers.

  6. ja99 says:

    This engaging, provocative story from the Big Island provides so much for talk story! I appreciate that the writer addresses a handful of current issues for Gen Z. For example, she provides a firsthand experience with contradictions related to living on the Big Island of Hawai’i. The writer states, “People may say, ‘You’re so lucky to live in Hawaii, why would you want to leave?’ Although for me, Hawaii feels like a prison.” Another layer to the narrative that stands out for me — a sense of hope and following one’s dreams. I like to cheer for the underdog. I hope the writer (or main character) will be able to follow her dream on the Big Island or elsewhere. Since she is only 18, there is still time.

  7. Brownrice__808 says:

    I left the big island for college in Texas. It’s exciting but the homesickness still hits now and then. I miss the slow laid back vibe of Hawaii but then I think about how stagnant life felt for me after graduating. God will make a way for you to leave Hawaii if it’s His will. Keep praying about it!

  8. skylercj says:

    great story! congrats on getting published 🙂

  9. pono808troutman says:

    Great story, way to put your feelings out there!

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