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Hanau ka Uku-koʻakʻ’a Hanau kana, he ʻAkoʻakoʻa, puka Born the coral polyp Born of him a coral colony emerged From the Kumulipo The Kumulipo is a Hawaiian creation chant composed by Hawaiian priests in the eighteenth century that includes a genealogy connecting Hawaiians to a royal ancestor’s cosmic beginnings. The polyp is the first animal…

But No

Each burning moment passing me I longer long for long-lost things Though red-hot fire her ashen cold The north star’s nearness clasped Within her eye and ice A minute interlude Shot between her lives And then the dream train roars I see The come, the here, the go Still searching for that familiar face My…


The vendors are swarming us. “I see your future,” she says, grabbing at my arm. “You like know? One hundred yuan.” I glance at her. She has coke-bottle thick glasses. Can she see anything? I pull my arm away. “Bu yao!” “Fifty yuan.” I feel my shirt pocket to make sure my wallet’s still there….

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