November Winners in The Great BR Year of the Dragon Writing Contest

Congratulations to the two November winners of 10 Bamboo Bucks : ) Da most Different Kine a Grampa Story Award: “Jizo,” by KABOCHA Da mos 30 More Years of Grief, or Maybe Design Your Own App? Award “Thirty Years Chasing the Lightning,” by Normie Salvador Don’t forget to submit your 300-word piece for…

I Bring Only Peace

I wrote this piece based on an interaction with a friend I just met. I often wonder why people behave the way they do towards me and it still remains a mystery. I have learned that people act based on their own beliefs and perceptions, and this poem represents my perception of a recent interaction I had with another human being.Word Count: 200

Happy December! The Great BR Year of the Dragon Contest Asks You to Submit Your 300-Word “Gifts” : )

Happy last month of 2012. Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. Guess what? December’s word limit is 300 words. That’s right. 300 words. The nine triggers for December are: #1. “Return Visit,” by Ben Andres #2 “English Class,” by Kathleen T. Choi #3. “My Name,” by Stella Jhylih Jeng Guillory #4. “The First Time,”…

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