Love at First Sight

Love at First Sight


Waikiki, oh what a significant name

Pronunciation is said with local and visitor ease

“Sprouting fresh water” calls for sightseers to view its ecological beauty

A desired destination all outsiders wish to bury their feet in

Household name and pride of the 50th state

Waikiki calls for aloha, hello


Waikiki, oh how it embodies my first love

Eyes sparkling like the beach sand

Clothing just as fashionable as the Royal Hawaiian Resort

Standing tall and confident like the towering Diamond Head crater

Even her best friend highlights her perfectly like Kuhio Beach

Waikiki calls for aloha, love


Waikiki, oh why you present to impress for a dream lifestyle

The sun creaking in to wake you up to live your paradise fantasy

If beach permits space, hotel pools do not compare to Waikiki’s waters

Big retailer stores side-to-side opposing or collaborating with small businesses

Sunset to evening scenery calls for ravishing dinners and lovely walks

Waikiki calls for aloha, way of life


Waikiki, oh when will I learn more about you again

Providing more activities than I can follow for my limited stay

Giving the atmosphere and view for a romanticists to arise

Healing my stressed soul by being in your sweet presence

I know you, but have not met your other fellow family members and companions

Waikiki calls for aloha, farewell


When I come back, I will say all my alohas forever, my love at first sight

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