From a Different Perspective

I remember I went on a boat with my family and my 3-year-old cousin. It was a tour that we went on to sight-see Waikiki and all that jazz. I had to take dramamine two times because the boat was rocking a lot and I did not want an incident to occur. We were a little over a mile away from shore when I saw something weird. I turned to my dad and said,“What is that?” My dad replied,“That’s Diamond Head.” At that moment, I felt stupid for not recognizing the landmark of Hawaii, but I was also surprised.  I was always so used to seeing Diamond Head from that iconic shot on a postcard with Waikiki to the left and the crest of Diamond Head looking out to the ocean. But now that I saw Diamond Head from another perspective, it’s so different and new.  Now that I am looking back to that moment, I made a realization. Diamond Head can be replaced with anything, like Diamond Head, for example. We are all used to seeing Waikiki as a hub for tourists with nice sandy beaches and the Duke Kahanamoku statue. But if you look at Waikiki from a different perspective, you might find something new.

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