I would tell people my name, where I’m from, what I like to do, and maybe a little bit of my childhood. That would make the person feel that they know me already. With all the limited amount of information I give off, they will interpret me as a “good person” or a “nice person.” That’s because I only tell them my positive side that most people expect me to have. It feels like I’m trying to be the person who everyone wants to see. The real me is far off from what they see, and that’s why I don’t go into the details. Details, meaning my true self that I only know, and also the part of my life that’s hidden from the rest of the world. I get tired of either being pitied or not understood  after getting into the details, and eventually everyone disappears from my life. Then why should I even speak about myself? It all just makes everything complicated. Only if, and if only, someone who will accept my true story walks into my life.


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