Words are Strange

Words are strange
As they tell us stories through air, and through our many mediums
They never have the same meaning.
Though the words may stay the same, the difference in the person, the writer, the reader, the speaker,
They all lead to a different message.
Much like snowflakes as the free-fall from the clouds they originally resided,
No two are the same.
By Quotation or Revision
Generalization or Lengthening
Frozen in a pause, or Erased from a note
Perhaps even spoken in quiet whispers
Or be locked within the confines of a mind
To not be said and told to the ears of another being
Simply dying on the tongue that helps give them a true significance
Unable to leave the throat that restrains them
Or instead the fingers that were to type them across
Used for variants of “communication”
To be taught then used in ways the users themselves may never have guessed before,
Words can also be twisted just as much as they are strange.

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