Distraction Enow?

Seeking distraction, I decide to tell the Buckaroo all I know about

distraction, which amounts mostly to the mildly annoying sounds of

civilization — aircraft, automobiles, and arboreal buzzers and blowers

— and the pleasantly reassuring chirps, wafts, and fragrances of


Obviously there are countless other kinds of distraction in this

overheated commercial and meteorological climate and in the utter

insanity of politics worldwide, but up here we do our best to ignore


A life without distraction would be solitary confinement; too much

would bring multiplicities of confusion. Up here, we aim for a

manageable middle, a celestial paucity, a golden mean.

There you go, Buckaroo. Distraction. And that about does it for me, up

here in Palolo Valley Island of Oahu Hawaiian Archipelago Pacific

Ocean Planet Earth. Or, as John Denver once said, “almost Heaven.”

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