Septembah Song

Holy Moly, I got so caught up planting da new medical marijuana patch in back a da Bamboo Ridge supah secret headquatahs, I totally forgot Monday’s writing prompt.  Geez, I wondah if medical marijuana as good as da ole days pre-medical marijuana?  Eric and Darrell said it was okay, so long as I only use um fo medicine purposes.  I tole um yeah, of course.  I may look stupid, but I not stupid stupid.

Tonight dem two playing Candyland and singing songs about hockey.  Pretty good four-paht harmony.  Jes two guys, but soun like one Babah Shop Quartet.

Okay, so dis da las prompt fo da month:  “Septembah Song.”  I like Willie Nelson’s version.


Whoa!  Das big!  Okay, so make me tink about prompts like


Oooh Oooh Oooh, wait.  Reminds me of


WhoooHooo!  So we got

the ’70s
laser discs

And anyting else you like.  Go for it.  Write, write, write.  Can entah every day, you like.


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