No Ack Brah

wen I stay about tirteen
I wen go surf
wid my fren
evry time we go Waikiki
we like go Pops
da spot off da Halekulani
one time one local guy
wen see me
one blonde haole girl
an he figah
I stay come from California
since he made this assumption
I decided to speak to him
in this manner
jus for try fool him
but wen he wen try for
cut me off on one wave
I wen yell
“Ey! Brah!”
aftah I kick out
he go ax me
“Wea you from?!”
I tell
“Mānoa – why? Bada you?”
he go laugh up
an den he wen tell
“I figah you stay
one California wahine
who like ack jalaik
Gidget goes Hawaiian –
nevah figah you stay from hea”
he nevah wen drop in on me
aftah dat


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