Herstory Month

Women’s History Month
why we nevah jus call um
Herstory Month
enough wid his story
how evry time
foah how many centuries
we only get his story
an mostly whitewashed version
of dat – no color
jalike Tom Sawyer’s fence
dat he wen get his frens
foah paint while he sat back
den told his story
evrybody buys into
his story das told
so nobody knows
about da awesome women
black and white
an some colors in between
dose wahine go mos times unseen
and unheard excep foah a few
das true
we wen hear about
Harriet Tubman
Rosa Parks
Eleanor Roosevelt
Madame Curie
but we nevah know about
Sybil Ludington
Ada Lovelace
Ida Wells
Bessie Coleman
Nellie Bly
Dorothy Vaughan
Katherine Johnson
dey get formidable minds
honorable hearts
an big kine courage
go check um
go check um
go check um


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  1. Misty Sanico says:

    Oh! This was such a treat to read. It made me smile. I think I want a tshirt that says “formidable minds, honorable hearts, an big kine courage”

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