All Word Bag Contest Entries

Word Bag words are italicized. Mahalo to all participating poets!


1. Da boys no like me play marbles wit dem.

2. I gave my wife a double pikake lei.

3. Paddle in a canoe.

4. On my porch with pupus, I finally notice Orion looks jes’like it did when I was 2, 16 years ago.

5. After some thought, I dropped the mass in the hole.

6. Blessed oblivion enjoying shave ice and mochi in Honolulu.

7. Birthday wish, baby in the cradle at one year old luau.

8. Summer is the time for fun, to leave behind pressure of work, studies and enjoy and have fun with family, friends and others! Enjoy…

9. One plus one equals two

10. I like to spend money.

11. Smile, make your day perfect.

12. I would like to surf with a smurf.

13. Wings to escape, to explore, to navigate, always moving, why? whatevah!

14. No can sing with pupu in your mouth.

15. Acid-free.

16. Lean into the wave and marry touch to surf.

17. The sand of memory flows into oblivion.

18. Hibicus tree, you fragrant flowers sing to me.

19. You! Me! No can eat koi for pupu!

20. Neat inside.

21. Recipe for life. Forget all and live deep into the ocean.

22. Our lives change daily like sand through colored glass.

23. Daikon flavored ice cream. . . think Obama likes dat flava?

24. Da novel stay bumboochas.

25. You don’t need to go to a fortune teller to have pride and the hang-loose.

26. Sister riding on a tumult-like boogieing wave of attitude.

27. After my saimin and ochazuke I goin’ out snorkle.

28. Whether crimson or clover, oblivion is never over. The milky way is always your silky lei.

29. Through the strong plumeria scent the sound of the poi pounders rang beautifully.

30. Great day today, with penny musubi and sunlight.

31. I can be first.

32. I will come back to the mountain for kaukau one day soon…

33. Like flowers, children shrivel up when they have no where to be.

34. Try to paddle, clown.

35. The solution for a hot day is the cool wind and soda.

36. I find uncanny love in the music of my heart and the tombs of my mind.

37. The wind blows the flag and the person gets a lei.

38. The wind blows when it’s hot. The clown makes me laugh. Hibiscus smells good.

39. There were too many books in the span of my hibiscus self.

40. I saw a man shrivel up when he drank wine.

41. In the author the guy got stress and he think it was wrong.

42. Marry a trash man and make shell necklace.

43. I come here and enjoyed book and music festival and full of memory. (No wordbag words attached.)

44. Follow the Lord, and curb your earthly desire.

45. Shave ice hibiscus for the tongue.

46. When stuff happens, there is always one solution: Everyone pound wine!

47. Look too long you may realize a simple, blooming hibiscus is what you miss.

48. Don’t try to calculate how to curb the wind to your whims. allow it to be free, liberated from your iron manacles.

49. Wiggles around Pali.

50. I drank soda and futted in the sand.

51. I hate when my money goes through transit.

52. I donno if my memory I had shave ice.

53. In the corner, I like to sing, sing, sing.

54. No can eat, if no bamboo, Panda said, his eyes sad.

55. From every corner of the earth, life looks upon Orion.

56. Look sharp!

57. I colored one piece of paper.

58. There was no light in March what a fright! It made me wonder what season it was.

59. Teach me olelo Hawaii pretty soon.

60. The ocean can ridge you house can be terrible.

61. Aboard Hokule’a, the ocean churned like a bitter turnip.

62. A hard day is about bearing—ease it by baring, your soul.

63. There was nowhere for drought, but places for celebrating.

64. Don’t stop, bus driver, can we drive a little bit longer?

65. Life can be like picking up the ball and run with it, sometimes you win.

66. Lovely spring pleiades brings chicken skin.

67. We’ll salvage that gardenia and gather the others around.

68. Celebrate opihi love; turns the meat grey to crimson!

69. The clown’s crystal read the poetry and thinks its great.

70. Blue winter can choke the sorrowful, needy soul. Besides, spring is only for those willing to watch the fledgling butterflies.

71. Whopper ocean mist.

72. Colored though chorus.

73. Sweat play . . . GOTTA!

74. Orion, a speaker not of a colorful rainbow, but of multitudinous stars.

75. At graduation my poi dog ate all the pupus.

76. The speaker spoke, his vocal broke; his brains in smoke, no joke.

77. I started to read my Bamboo Ridge Press book under the lychee tree.

78. Pop the cork of that sparkling wine; it stings with the force of sand tossed in my face.

79. Everyone in my family has made me cry.

80. I always got to work choke to pay da bills.

81. Struggling to his feet with the feeling of another overwhelming loss of lives pulsing through his veins, America wondered why the entire world seemed to hate him when all he had wanted to do was be a hero.

82. Life’s choices echo like a haunting chorus, sometimes sweet like mango other times bitter like daikon.

83. I like to swim, drink soda and the hibiscus.

84. Poetry stirs my soul.

85. The world’s in a mess and I already need a rest .

86. One man in the chorus stood up, got out his shotgun and fired it.

87. As I walked down the street, a speaker yelled: “Come!” “Why?”

88. Every corner has an ono surprise.

89. Try sing jes’like Bing.

90. I like nasube.

91. I searched my memory . . . was she there at the fall party?

92. My garden has a single poem.

93. Toss the speaker in the crowd, does he swim?

94. I walk my dog and I pray every night.

95. Sea foam floating on the waves washing over the reef is the Hawaiian print in my soul and heart.

96. Stroke, stroke, swim, what stress, a simple sign of my duress.

97. The canoe washes the sad away, no one will find it, not even when fishing.

98. The mochi party was giving me stress.

99. The men made milk and walk like a milky way.

100. The summer air was as crisp as the first cut mango.

101. Mo’bettah! to go movie than a job.

102. Serendipity choose my memory which I hope I will not lose in oblivion.

103. Fellow countrymen lend me your ears when mom talks of family, oh gosh, bumboochas of fear.

104. I donno, how the lives aren’t always aren’t always viewed through colored views.

105. I’ll start drinking soda when I’m single.

106. You wish, happy standing.

107. It is too much spice on my hamburger.

108. Graduation turns love into music.

109. Life is a circle. You do things, meet new people and start all over again. You have a circle of friends. You stay with them until the circle ends when the circle ends, you’re done.

110. I used to drink aqua with Joe Belavacqua.

111. Everything listen, demented.

112. My husband cannot see them from his submarine tonight, but I pray to the stars that he will sleep sound, snuggled tight.

113. I love to eat manini, especially in panini.

114. The fog glazing the dips of the Koolaus reveals a bamboocha like moon.

115. C’mon light wake us to ourselves.

116. Toss the paddle on your shoulder, ohana calling, time to come home.

117. Sing, Muse, of Orion, the hunter, and the cry of the hounds through the stars.

118. Literary ice cream or trade winds would be welcome.

119. Through the hibiscus filled park you can find the ridge of bamboo— bamboo ridge.

120. Paddle the surf and try to fly.

121. Sweet smell of the winter rain showers the contribution of life on the ground beneath.

122. The rough edge of the mountain greets the sky.

123. Bachan’s koi pond by the hibiscus hedge. . . colors swirl within my favorite bamboochas!

124. The wind never rest.

125. Love will rescue you from a hole sharply.

126. Eating mochi brings back sweet memories of family, celebrations, and cultural traditions.

127. The state flower is a yellow hibiscus.

128. There was one crystal clown on the shelf.

129. Bash—bash—bash— kills love fails country—makes TRASH!


130. Be dedicated and listen to the impression of your soul.

131. Wateva chowfun solution.

132. The trash makes koi disappear.

133. Afta da great gas battle, I sat content amidst the fumes.

134. Literature opens up a vast horison of wonder and truth. (no wordbag words attached)

135. The plumeria wiggles off the branch and floats to the ground.

136. My waistline’s grand! My new belt does the best it can to span!

137. Demented, the morose clown slunk sullenly toward his shrink.

138. All work and no play.

139. The solution to a happy day is a hug from a friend.

140. I donno, where wings go. Daikon.

141. A crimson sunset displays a lost snorkle awash on the shore.

142. Forget no wonder .

143. The onion in a can is the bus driver.

144. What a wave of Bamboo Ridge poi!

145. Nasube country, sand of my birth.

146. Orion, the hunter, coming home to a hot bowl of saimin.

147. Gather inspiration. I imagine.

148. Living lazy is a standard way to falll through the window of life and hit the floor of poverty.

149. The security guard said, “Come and eat the pupu platters.”
150. Love the ohana picture.

151. It was jes’like yesterday that I came to the Hawaii Book and Music Festival.

152. We buy lei because friends congratulation party.

153. Aloha, kiss my gardenia.

154. “Miss” is the word of life, “miss you” is the word of love.

155. Da guy on da boogie board played ukulele and ate toss salad which catching one wave.

156. Wine is not mean.

157. As you walk along the beautiful beach follow the huge mass shell and you will find faith in yourself.

158. School playground is windy and trashy.

159. Opihi can win.

160. Why are bamboo paddles best?

161. I got free books on my graduation day!

162. By gorgeous self in the home of my pacific state of mind today. Mahalo.

163. The ridge can connect to our world from the moon.

164. Time to swim when you cry.

165. The scent of the hibiscus sends my mind to my memory of blessed oblivion.

166. I like my house.

167. Even clowns have droughts.

168. Pikake pride, blossom of the islands.

169. I write a sentence with words for tutu.

170. Life has meanings you might never know.

171. Tutu sends love through her hibiscus wave.

172. Rainbows stir mean.

173. Reef is what lies beneath the sparkling blue ocean.

174. Pirates have treasures, bumboochas, and they got ice cream for sale.

175. I’d love to eat a huge scoop of ice scream!!

176. There is soda in the ocean.

177. I put the partially wilted flowers in my best party vase.

178. Ride the train of life without fear fling your flag high. I live to love!

179. We no can sing without voice, words will not sing. Without song, our words remain on the page. Silent.

180. It takes work to bring peace around the world. Let’s all pitch in, and let’s be bold. Peace.

181. Outdoor living makes you free. Kinda hard on da old body.

182. Rocks are good.

183. And the swim made my stress go away.

184. Hawaii celebrates my picture.

185. I like go in the canoe.

186. Heart lights giving neat knowing blessings blowing kisses.

187. Follow the balls to the Olympics.

188. My uncle plays the ukulele for his life and has nice hair.

189. Salvage a single love.

190. I have a problem so I to read it.

191. A fortune teller uses a tarot book.

192. I like rainbow flavored shave ice.

193. A whole lot of uncanny traffic.

194. My job circle cried over their accomplishments.

195. During her stay she fought the fashion control police.

196. I had too much lychee shave ice last year.

197. The wind was blowing through my hair as I got marry.

198. A vase with rolling surf pointed on its side, move than any other thing on earth, was my mother’s pride.

199. Find the money then toss um!

200. No calculate Hawaii.

201. Sometimes choke poi.

202. Mahalo! fo’ rescue koi; no eat dog!

203. Gotta climb a mountain.

204. Hibiscus singing at luaus.

205. Yeah? Then follow your heart to the picnic of life.

206. The upside to dark clouds is the rain we receive that nourishes us.

207. Mahalo, my family lives in the surf. Home ohana.

208. This whole year you run around free as a bird. You are a huge disappointment.

209. You are a pest! But jus’ a little bit.

210. Down my driver loop—hostage in my own bus—conveniently I get off to my familiar nowheres.

211. Watchless touch in tune such blossoms bloom to spend my pleasure in an oasis infest of popoki pecks.

212. Busy nose pipe.

213. Someone had one acid-free mist business.

214. Truths of a kind can be heard in your mind.

215. Dream big while the years go by.

216. On the right side of the road there is a mango tree.

217. Went to school, kiss a boy, kick um to the curb.

218. I brought a lot of moneyfrom the milky way.

219. Clear away my fear of ulu, we can dance the hula under the ulu; both belong in Hawaii Nei, I say.

220. Wishing a birthday party in a large garden somewhere at fall.

221. Days of sand; days of wine.

222. The Hokuleʻa carries with its voyagers their collective memories of that place on the Pali where they saw glistening lines descending from the Koolaus.

223. In the summer I like to eat mochi ice cream coffee flavor.

224. The fresh sea was a beautiful gift after the journey.

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