empathic pathetic

a light flickered in my attic ever so suddenly, then
emotions gushed like the river
ready to push the gates open and
hearing the music of your life
laced into mine was like listening to the nature of days
told to me by an old man and
inspiring yet another step in my stride and
i am already high but in seeing you
I became a cloud that
gathered so the rain fell inside and
confirmed the thoughts that have been
quietly convincing my mind
always trying to silence melodies, I hide
but the eyes never lie because
the heart utters beautiful sounds and
movement she breathes into me takes
me to the ocean where past and
present lives collide right before my eyes
we’ve already shared a bed in my mind and
this body tries but cannot
explain what is really being said so
the actions have to die but
still when you pass me by, the
metronome gets a little rattled sometimes
moments i remember like
the picture we froze in our minds
on that day and
i can
live this way till the end of my days

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