Koa Canoe

Sometimes you write things as they come to you. But the good ones always write themselves. I say this is good only because it makes me feel good. This poem came to me as many do-as a series of vivid images. (probably stemmed from the paddlers I see heading out every afternoon.) In about ten minutes in the middle of my day these images came out of nowhere-I had to stop in the middle of what I was doing and quickly jot down something before they were gone from me. When I got home it took me three hours to figure out how to describe them and another three weeks to tweek them into sense….let me know what you think if you would?

Blind Truth

I close my eyes. I am thinking, trying to fathom where I am. How did I get here? I close my eyes and remember how I once lifted up my eyes to the sky And I saw, to my amazement, despite knowing it, that the stars looked different. What amazed me was that somehow, magically,…

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