Darek and Errel articles

The Bamboo Boys – Honolulu Advertiser
"They ought to be called Darek, or maybe Errel. … in many people’s minds, they’re saimin and char siu."

Bamboo Ridge Presses On – Honolulu Star-Bulletin
"Bamboo Ridge Press — named after the popular East Oahu ulua fishing spot — was created by Lum and Eric Chock in 1978 with a simple mission: "to publish literature by and about Hawaii’s people." For remaining relevant this long, and for helping so many local writers and artists gain crucial exposure around the world, the anniversary is certainly cause for a yearlong celebration."

Plus an opinion from the Star-Bulletin:
Bamboo Ridge Richly Cultivates Isle Literature
"In a era of leisure dominated by technological marvels, Bamboo Ridge holds out with literary longevity and distinction. Congratulations are well deserved."

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