Tsujimoto reads again!

Joe Tsujimoto’s reading at Punahou on last Tuesday, Sept. 16th was a triumph at his school. Okay, they were his colleagues, students, former students, and BR folks…but also a few who wandered in because of the jazz played out front by Jimmy Howard, Art Mersereau, and vocalist Gayln Akaka. He read "Nightwalk" "Morningside" and "The Old Man" and answered a few questions at the end. Notable response to the question, "How do you know when a story is done?" Answer: when your wife tells you that it’s done. Ah,so true. Thanks,Sharon…here we thought it was our editing prowess.

If you missed the reading, look for video on the Punahou website. We’ll get a link up to it and photos as soon as I can figure out how. But nothing is like hearing it in person. Get both the jazz and the sound of Joe’s voice on October 1, 7:30 at UH Campus Center auditorium. Tip: his books will be discounted $5 off = $15. He’ll read different stuff: Nightwalk, Gone, and Virgil.

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