Finally Thalia

When Jean ended on the line if the walls could talk, I immediately went to either Thalia or Grace (Thalia's mother). The connotation of walls talking would be of scandal and it made me think of Thalia living it up and missing her party life back home on the east coast.

There were three things that were evident about Thalia from Stannard's reading 1- She was privileged and had an apparent lack of empathy for others. 2- She craved attention. 3- She was bored out of her skull in Hawaii.

I don't think that the trial was traumatizing toThalia as it would have been for a rape victim, if anything I think it would have been anticlimactic because so little of it focused on her. I do believe that somewhere inside she must have been becoming at the very least, uncomfortable with how out of hand the fabrication she made became. That unease, along with her immense boredom would have given her good reason to want to run away.

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