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Hi Lady Smurf and Colelee,
I got your distress call. The problem started because the post of the first poem was done at the "comment" section of my last blog. Take a look at the Teachers' Corner. There is a block above "Teachers' Corner blogs" that is called "Teachers' Corner Prose and Poetry."

That's where you should post your poem.
I shall copy "The Rooster's Call" and put it in the Prose and Poetry section. It may not be attributed to gmurray, but I shall put her name on the bottom.

1. The next person must first "Register" (Click on the "Sign Up" at the right hand corner of the page. Use a pseudonym. OK? (Don't write in the comment section)

2. Go to the "Prose and Poetry" section.

3. Look on the right hand column where it says "Options" and choose "Post new entry".

4. Your title will be the last line of the preceding poem.

5. Press "save" at the bottom of the page.

6. If you want to correct your poem, you can go back and choose "Edit" from the "option" block.

7. Always remember to save.

OK, now I'll go and try to copy the Rooster into the Prose and Poetry Section.

Bonne Chance!! Just as I feared. The poem is attributed to me!! I shall have to ask the administrator of the web site to fix this. But the rest of you can continue. OK?

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  1. Colelee says:

    Hi Dr. Toyama,
    We were wondering. When using the last line of someones poem in Renshi, do we have to use the whole line or can we just use a part of a line. Then if its just a part of the line, can it be any part of the line, or does it have to be the end.

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