Start Your Renshi/hope you read my answer

Jian asked if you could post your renshi on this site. I started one called "Budding Poets Want to Write" in the "Teachers' Corner Prose and Poetry" section of this site but didn't explain how.

1. In order to post a poem you need to register.
2. If you want to continue with my line "Budding poets…" click on the title and "comment".
3. Don't forget to press "post this entry."
4. If you want to start a new renshi, choose "post new entry" under "Options" on the right.

Got it?

Have fun.

Talk story

  1. gmurray says:


    In the gray-blue morning,
    The cold fingers of dawn grabbing at the heat of my body,
    I hear it,
    The rooster’s call,
    Shrill and piercing,
    Disrupting the silent world as it wakens from winter’s cool slumber,
    I will myself to go back to sleep,
    I am not ready to face the world yet,
    A silent tug-of war as I slip back and forth between conscious and unconscious,
    I hear it,
    The rooster’s call,
    My sweet dreams shatter as I open my eyes,
    Let the windless air seep through my blanket and into my sleep-warm skin,
    I am still not ready to face the world

  2. Lady Smurf says:

    Dear Dr. Toyama,
    None of us were able to figure out how to post our renshi's in the right place. Could you please tell me in detail how to post it? we already created two poems. thank you very much.

  3. Colelee says:

    Sorry but we also couldn't figure out how to delete gmurray's peom from the comments. She said she tried to delete it but it wouldn't delete.
    Thanks for all your help

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