Hi Nicole.

I don't know whether there are any "born writers". I do know that I have to write and rewrite my stories. My poetry usually doesn't need that much tinkering, if it comes from out of the blue, a gift; but sometimes it does. But my fiction does need a lot of rewrites.

At least you recognize "sounding analytical". That's not necessarily bad. It depends on what you are writing and what you want to accomplish. Think about your reader. Do you want her to see? Then help her see. Do you want to have her feel? Then help her feel. Do you want to make her laugh? Then help her laugh. So how do you know how to do that? Ask yourself, what makes you do these things. Most often you learn by reading and taking note of what the writing is doing to you. Then imitate. Copy. Not the words, but the process and it takes analysis to understand why those things are happening.

What does it mean thinking more creatively? I just suggested that you "imitate." How is that being creative?

Hope that helps a little. Writing is usually a lonesome affair. If you learn to do that (write on your own), you'll keep on writing.


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