They wait in jail, these no names
crushing knuckles against the concrete wall
wondering how it happened.

In her house in Manoa
Thalia Fortescue Massie
engraves her father’s name, Granville,
into his cousin’s name,
Theodore Roosevelt.
Then she melds her grandfather’s cousin’s name,
Alexander Graham Bell,
into the armor of her story.

Her allies amass their titles and weight:
Rear Admiral Yates Stirling, Jr., Commandant of the US Navy,
enlists his friend, Walter F. Dillingham, Baron of Hawaii Industry.

In response a counterbalance develops.

A mother calls a princess, Abigail Kawananakoa, who calls a heavyweight:
William H. Heen, born of Hawaiian and Chinese parents,
educated at Hastings Law School, first non-haole judge appointed
to the First Circuit Court (since resigned), leader of the Democratic Party.

To his team he adds a cracker jack haole lawyer from Vicksburg Mississippi:
William Buckner Pittman descendant of Francis Scott Key. With the Star-Spangled
Banner on this side, Robert Murakami, graduate of University of Chicago Law School,
joins to even out the battle.

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